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Expert Suggestions On How To Begin A Persuasive Essay

Naturally, if the beginning of a journal or article sounds boring, it becomes an immediate put-off. The same thing applies to your persuasive essay – if it is boring, then be rest assured that not many persons would be interested in reading the content. This is why it is very important that each time you are starting an academic paper, you make sure that the beginning part of it is very interesting. Yes, this refers to an engaging introduction. Unlike what your thoughts might be, you don’t have to be a professional writer before you can write an engaging opening for your paper. Here are some expert suggestions on how to begin your persuasive paper. They are:

  • Start With An Intriguing Quote:
  • If there is a particular interesting but rarely known quote from a notable personality that can add a significant twist to your persuasive essay, then you should not hesitate to put it at the beginning of your academic paper. Since it is a rare quotation, it would definitely draw the attention of your readers and make them want to learn more.

  • Use Anecdotes:
  • This is another strategy that is known to draw readers into finding out all there is within the pages of a given academic paper. In using this approach, make sure the story is one that they are bound to find interesting.

  • Keep The Sentences Short:
  • Starting your persuasive academic paper with run-on sentences would create the wrong impression on the minds of your target readers. For this reason, make sure that your sentences are short and clear. It would also help you to build your vocabulary because you are motivated to look for simpler and shorter but impressive phrases to use.

  • Address The Issue:
  • There is a particular issue you are trying to persuade your target audience on, right? They would be expecting to have a clear definition of the issue at the beginning of your paper. This is the role your thesis statement plays as it tells these readers your thoughts on the given issue.

To further strengthen your paper, you should take a look at examples of other students’ papers. This way, you will know the type of anecdotes to include in your paper and the ones you should stay away from. As you understand what works for you, it would make the writing process easier and more fun.

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