What Are the Features of a Good Portable Speaker?

Some of us may feel less satisfied if we only listen to music through earphones. When we are in a room or a place, sometimes we want to be free to listen to a song at a loud enough volume. Portable speakers are the solution choice for these needs. Oase Now, more and more portable speakers are being sold. Know some tips so you don’t get confused about it.


Talking about portable speakers is not a matter of speakers that can be taken anywhere, but also easy to connect the speakers with a music player device. This speaker will really support you in daily use, you can still use your smartphone around the room in the house or workspace while playing music through portable speakers. The difference that needs to be considered is the range of each connectivity between the music player device and the speakers, which of course varies. Just make sure you’re not far enough away.

Portability capabilities

Talking about portability means talking about design. Portable speaker designs are very diverse, but maybe designs that are large enough are less desirable because of their weight and enough to eat up the capacity of the bag you are using.

No need to worry because some speaker manufacturers are quite aware of this, so they have prepared the smallest design or device design that can dangle on the outside of your bag. So, while traveling, you can still play music using portable speakers. The average brand has also accompanied … Read More