Ten Easy Tips to Win at Scrabble

Many people struggle with Scrabble. Sure, it’s a really fun game, but sometimes it seems impossible to get your word across! However, with these ten tips, you’ll be on your way to winning the next game in no time:

1. Learn to use two- and three-letter words effectively. Often, these words are the most powerful. Some good examples of two-letter words are: “qu,” “sh,” and “ch.” Three-letter words are even more powerful and include common words such as “are” or “we.”

2. Learn to use ‘Q’ as a stand-in for any vowel. This is particularly effective when you’re playing with someone who doesn’t know the rules of Scrabble. For example, use’ QO’ if you need a word that starts with an ‘O’. The judge will turn a blind eye since ‘Q’ is technically a valid word.

3. Remember to use prefixes and suffixes. Scrabble can be advantageous since words such as “reportize” (re-port-size) are acceptable and can easily earn you many points when played correctly.

4. Take full advantage of the letter S and blank tiles. The letter ‘S’ can be used to stand for any vowel, so there’s a lot of potential for play. For the blank tiles, remember to use them as substitutes for two-letter words. “Oo” is the same as “OO” and “qu” is the same as “QQ”.

5. Scrabble Word Finder. This program is a great way to find words and can be extremely helpful when playing with friends. Type in the two letters you have, and ‘Scrabble Word Finder‘ will come up with all the words you can make using those letters.

6. Use hooks when you need to. Hooks are words that begin with the last letter of a word or vice versa. For example, if you need to use “zard” but don’t have any ‘z’ tiles left, spell out “zebra” and use the ‘a from “zebra” as your ‘z.’ This can be very helpful in a tight situation.

7. Stockpile the most common and useful letters. If you have many ‘Q’ tiles and ‘Z’ tiles, you can use them to your advantage by refusing to play them. Instead, save them for future turns. This will force your opponents to play lower-scoring or even invalid words. This is also a solid strategy when you’re trying to use up all your letters before the end of the game.

8. Plan to use bonus spaces on the board as soon as possible. Whenever you can, plan to use the bonus spaces on the board. Usually, these spaces are worth double points.

9. Don’t forget about bingos. These are the letters you get after you play a word. If you miss one, don’t sweat it. Just take the next word and try again. Often, bingos can be worth many points!

10. Keep practicing! Scrabble is a game that can be played for years, especially if it’s something you enjoy. So get up every day and practice a little longer than last. Soon, you’ll be on your way to winning the next Scrabble game!