11 Most Important Inventions in Technology Over the Last Decade

Human need for unlimited curiosity continues to grow, individuals from various ethnicities and social classes are competing with each other to find or make a new breakthrough through science and science and technology. During the last decade, so many new discoveries are important for sustainability and convenience.

Here are 11 of them, both well known and less well known, but here are 11 discoveries that are very important in this decade. This list is made chronologically.

1. Year 2000 (Self-balancing vehicle)

The first self-balancing, electric powered transportation machine invented by Dean Kamen, known as the Segway Human Transporter was created in 2000.
Launched in 2001, the Segway transporter for humans uses dynamic stabilization to activate the transporter for self-balance with the help of a tilt sensor, gyroscope and a built-in computer device.
The transporter adapts to body movements at a rate of 100 movements per second. The first model was not equipped with brakes and rolled at a speed of 12 miles per hour, speed and direction can be controlled by manual mechanisms. An improvised model released back in 2006 allows the user to adjust speed and direction via computer assistance as well.

2. Year 2001 (iPod, Artificial Heart)

Along with the famous iPod created by Apple Inc in 2001, another great invention this year is the bio-artificial heart. Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and the Alin Foundation invented the artificial liver by designing a device that uses cells from animal livers.Besides sticking with the ancient idea of ​​using mechanical devices to replace organs, these technological breakthroughs included mechanical devices as well as biological elements. Animal cells are attached behind the membrane (within thin limits) in the bio-artificial liver.
Therefore, while the cells can perform all the common functions of the liver such as filtering the blood, and eliminating toxins, they do not mix with human blood and do not cause reactions or harm the person.

3. Year 2002 (Birth Control Kit)

Birth control patch, Braille Glove, and Nano-tex all date back to 2002. Using leather gloves, Ryan Patterson created a device that could identify the wearer’s hand movements and send them wirelessly to a handheld monitor as words. . Although not very well known, the Braille Glove is quite important in the world of the troubled.Muan that the average person isn’t aware of. The Nano-Tex fabric goes through a chemical treatment which gives them about one million tiny fibers, as many as one hundred thousand of which are 1 inch long, which are used as the basis for removing spills.
The birth control patch created by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals known as the Ortho Eva patch is the first birth control patch that can be changed once a week and has the same effect as the contraceptive pill.

4. 2003 (Self-Parking Hybrid Car)

The Toyota Hybrid car is an invention for 2003. Getting a lot of publicity to fame. Hybrid cars are known for their self parking attributes. The petrol-electric powered car has a feature that allows it to park itself!
This happens with the help of a rear mounted camera, power steering and software called Intelligent Parking Assist, which is designed to direct the car into a parking spot. Users don’t even need to touch, speak or provide input during the process.

5. 2004 (Prep Sono, Adidas 1 Shoe with Processor)

The two inventions that caught popular attention in 2004 were the Prep Sono, and the Adidas 1 shoe. The Adidas 1 shoe with a built-in microprocessor can think for itself, deciding on the needs of the wearer based on the type of foot of the wearer. Sono Prep, created by Robert Langer, is an advance in biotechnology that can deliver drugs via sound waves instead of conventional methods such as injections. The device is said to directly direct low-frequency ultrasonic waves at the skin for 15 seconds which open up lipids in the skin and allow fluid transfer. The skin will return to its original state within the next 24 hours.

6. Year 2005 (Youtube)

The most popular and successful invention in 2005 was YouTube. The sites that achieved the greatest consumer response were video hosting sites which allowed users to share videos around the world. The site discovered by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley is currently one of the most famous sites in the world!

8. Year 2007 (iPhone)

The very famous invention of 2007 is none other than the Apple iPhone. When it was first released, the iPhone was a breakthrough in mobile technology as well as unprecedented sensor technology, a brand new operating system, which actually fits the operation of a computer inside a practical cell phone.
The iPhone mobile gadget as we know it today has been restructured around the world and becoming a kind of mascot of Apple products is in the world of technology.

9. Year 2008 (Personal DNA Testing Tool, Bionic Lens)

The scientific and medical miracle for 2008 is the personal DNA testing retail box. A DNA saliva test kit can estimate your genetic link to more than 90 hereditary traits ranging from baldness to chronic disease.
Although the box was not invented in 2007, it was released to the public to the general consumer. The human genotype is available to everyone not only thanks to an executive order to the inventor of 23andMe.Consider the advantages and consequences of discovering that can trace your likelihood of being in a certain state, or medical condition based on your genes and not just social, environmental and purely technological factors. Genotyping through this DNA kit can identify the possibility of genetically inheriting any trait out of 6 million different traits.

10. 2009 (The Sixth Sense, Holographic Computer Screen)

The Sixth Sense developed in 2009 by Pranav Mistry at the media laboratory at MIT USA is a wearable gestural interface that converts all actions into digital information capable of being pr oses in advanced technology devices, such as computers, cell phones, etc. This has been the fundamental technology of digital effects in sci-fi films for nearly a decade. The Sixth Sense consists of a pocket-size projector and a camera connected to a portable computing device.The camera identifies movement User hands and movements when the projector can use the surface to display visual data and let them be used as a computer monitor screen.This device uses video streaming from the camera and processes the software in synchronization with the visual tracking reference sensor while the user is wearing it at the fingertips.

11. 2010 (Teleportation)

Teleportation is the next big thing attracting scientific interest around the world. Although only in the testing phase, this technology makes traveling long distances in the blink of an eye possible. The stuff from the movies could finally come true in the near future. For now, scientists with the Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, United States have succeeded in teleporting (moving objects at the blink of an eye) information from one atom to another, placed in separate containers, with a distance of 1 meter