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Michigan Tech college students work and play in all seasons of our outdoor playground, the Keweenaw Peninsula. Accomplished faculty, dedicated to excellence in each teaching and research, put together our college students for professional faculties and careers within the life sciences.

Opportunities For Students Interested In Graduate School In Biology

Biology, also referred to as the biological sciences, is the examine of dwelling organisms utilizing the scientific methodology. Unlike bigger institutions that depend on graduate college students to collect scientific information, Pacific offers unparalleled research opportunities for undergraduate students and close school-student interactions. The subsequent bigger scale, cell biology, research the structural and physiological properties of cells, including their internal habits, interactions with different cells, and with their surroundings. This is done on each the microscopic and molecular ranges, for unicellular organisms similar to micro organism, as well as the specialised cells of multicellular organisms such as humans.

The School of Biological Sciences funds our college to travel to Illinois institutions to provide research seminars. These seminars additionally serve to inform your college students about alternatives in our MS and PhD applications. The Biological Sciences Department offers first-price instructional opportunities for biology and health-discipline majors in preparation for superior degree work or postgraduate employment.

Understanding the construction and performance of cells is fundamental to the entire organic sciences. The similarities and differences between cell varieties are particularly related to molecular biology. The science which deals with the research of dwelling objects and their life processes is called biology (Greek phrases, bios – life, logos – examine).

In help of its teaching and research applications, the Department is well equipped with the newest in audio-visible and state-of-the-art scientific gear. Through these holdings, students are afforded the usage of intensive educating aids, as well as palms-on experience in using fashionable scientific instrumentation. Moreover, there has by no means been a more thrilling and necessary time to study biology.

It covers all facet of the research of living creatures like incidence, classification, ecology, financial significance, external type, organization, internal construction, nutrition, well being and other body capabilities, reproduction, life historical past, inheritance and origin. Being broad – based mostly and multi- disciplinary, the term biology is commonly replaced by the term life sciences or organic sciences.

Our degree programs offer you the knowledge and talents to use the scientific process and to think critically about up to date points within the biological sciences. The Department of Biological Sciences was established in 1927; on the time there were 5 school members. At its inception courses have been supplied in numerous disciplines, corresponding to zoology and botany. The focus of the Department progressively modified from getting ready students for careers in secondary training to getting ready them for entry into skilled and graduate faculties. The Department of Biological Sciences occupies modern educating and research facilities on each the Main Campus and the Avon Williams (Downtown Nashville) Campus.

Faculty expertise ranges over all kinds of topics from molecular and cell biology to microbiology, ecology, development, evolution, and physiology. The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to the instructing of biology and discovering new biological truths for society.

The department endeavors to supply an educational program that supports this integration. Our students be taught to assume like scientists, using idea-primarily based information in biology, somewhat than to solely concentrate on mastering information which have turn into more and more unwieldy as the information base grows.