Electrical Shortcut Triggers and the Safest Method to fixed it.

Have you ever faced an electrical shortcut circuit at home? If so, let’s follow the method of dealing with it comfortably.

The electrical short that you experience if not treated quickly can be severe and dangerous. Not only sparks, electric short circuits can also cause explosions and even fires. Therefore, let’s find out what the cause is before you decide on the right course of action.

Electrical Shortcut

What is an Electrical Short?

Short circuit or short circuit is also called a short-circuit bond. Electrical shorting is a process that occurs when the electric current deviates from the wire lines that are connected one after the other. This makes the flow of electric current move through the network shorter than it should be. This can happen when an electric current is cut off. Not only that, there is a collision between a negative electric current and a positive electric current which can also cause an electric short circuit.

What are the characteristics of your house facing an electric short circuit? The most obvious feature is that instantly the electronic equipment that you are using turns off, moreover all the lights in your house also turn off because the MCB also turns off. Not only that, at almost the same time, there was a sharp smell of burning metal or plastic.

These short-circuit events can indeed occur at any time and are dangerous. If there is a spark and a large explosion it can cause a fire. Therefore, let’s find out what the causes are!

Electrical Short-circuit Triggers

Short Circuit

The most frequent source of electrical short circuits is electronic devices facing short circuits. This can happen because there are animals that bite the cable such as rats, ants, and other animals. Not only that, there are animals that can get into electronic devices and build nests in them, such as ants and lizards, which can also cause short circuits in an instant.


As you all know, electrical features cannot come into contact with the water element. Houses that have leaks and seeps are a big danger of experiencing electrical short circuits. If not handled, it can endanger all the guardians of your house.

Cable Insulator

The next thing that causes the formation of an electric short circuit is damage to the insulator cable. When the insulator is disconnected from the neutral wire and phase, a short circuit occurs. Therefore, always make sure the electrical installation in your home is in a comfortable controlled condition. Do regular checks.

If you don’t know how to check it, you should use a reliable service or ask for help from a more expert. Try not to try to check it without sufficient explanation, it’s risky.

Small Dimension Cable

Small cable dimensions allow the formation of larger short circuits. Why? Because it will get hot quickly when a large electric current flows. Especially if the cable you are using is old.

Stacking Plugs

Hot temperatures will rise if you stack plugs in the house at the same time. As a result, there will be overheating or overheating. This will stimulate a short circuit.

Troubled Electrical Mcb

What is MCB? MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is an electric circuit breaker that is useful for securing electrical loads in your home. If the electricity consumption is above normal, the MCB will cut it off or what you usually call a drop. However, if you often experience intense drops, this will cause the MCB to become problematic and cause a short circuit.

Electrical short circuit due to messy cables

Next, have you ever encountered something like the photo below? If so, you should quickly tidy it up. Scattered wires can in fact stimulate an electric short circuit. You can buy a cable clip to make it look prettier.

Position of the Power Source Close to the Fire Source

The last short circuit trigger is the position of the power source in your house close to the fire source. Short-circuit bonds can occur due to continuous exposure to heat. Therefore, make sure the position of the power source and the stove are located at a comfortable distance!

Methods for dealing with safe electrical short circuits

In fact, the method of dealing with electrical short circuits in your home is familiar with the cause. But you can do the method below if there is an instantaneous electrical short.

Changing Old and Damaged Electronic Equipment

Usually all electronic equipment has a certain useful life. If you feel that the equipment is malfunctioning, replace it as soon as possible. For example, TL or neon lights that have started to turn blue at both ends, replace them with new uniform lights. In addition, if you have a friction with a cable that is almost broken, immediately take it to a service center or you should buy a new one. Prevention is better than cure right?

Correcting the socket

Next, try to check the socket in your house. Open the socket with a test pen. If there is a problem you can fix it. If you are in doubt, you can immediately buy a new unit.

Visiting Professional Staff

If you don’t believe in triggering an electric short circuit in your house, immediately go to a reliable officer. Do not try to play a rash role in tackling a problem in which you are not sure. Because if you use force to fix it, your life will be at stake.

Electrical short circuit prevention action

In fact, there are several methods to avoid electrical short circuits in your home. Try the following tips so that the electricity in your home is comfortable and free from electrical short circuits.

  • Regularly check the state of the wiring
  • Use electricity according to voltage expertise, do not use more than expertise.
  • Cover the cable with a special cable paralon pipe to protect it from being bitten by rodents and splashed water.
  • If the MCB has a problem, change it immediately with the supervision of a professional