Technology has an Important Role in the Health Industry

Technology has a very important role, because the presence of technology has benefits in the health care industry. The benefits of the presence of this technology range from the ease of accessing patient medical history, reducing the risk of medical procedure errors, to improving medical services for patients.


Simplify access to patient history

Patient data collection is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare industry. Medical data has an important role for doctors to analyze a patient’s condition and disease to recommend treatment and other appropriate treatments. In the past, patient history data was manually written down on paper. However, with the advent of digitization, information regarding a patient’s medical history can be entered into a cloud-based digital system.

Reducing the risk of medical procedure errors

Errors in medical procedures can be fatal for patients. Technology has facilitated the development of systems that can reduce the incidence of medical errors and save more lives. With the presence of technology, doctors can perform medical treatment according to the patient’s specific information. This information is also filtered rationally and presented to doctors in a timely manner so that the decision-making process can be carried out properly.

Improving health for patients

The use of technology in the healthcare industry can increase patient engagement to help patients create targeted and personalized health plans. In addition, doctors can track the patient’s health effectively so that the treatment process can proceed according to plan. Of course, this is very useful, especially for elderly patients who live alone in their homes. This is because they often don’t know what to do or may forget to take medication prescribed by a doctor. Thus, technology in the healthcare industry can receive the best possible care and maximized healthcare experience.

Reducing medical costs

The benefit of the presence of technology in the health sector is to reduce medical costs. Medical errors in a hospital or clinic can be costly for patients or healthcare providers. The presence of technology is expected to reduce medical errors, especially in terms of diagnosis and drug prescription.

Ease of consultation

Sometimes, patients who live far from the hospital find it difficult to consult a doctor. Of course this is problematic, especially if the patient’s illness is severe enough and needs to be treated by a doctor immediately. However, with the presence of technology in the health care industry is the right answer to this problem. Technology in the health sector has given rise to telemedicine services, where patients can directly communicate with doctors only with an internet connection. This service allows patients to send short messages, voice messages, or even meet doctors in person via the video call feature.