The Biggest Problem for Tech Companies

Working from home is normalizing and forcing tech companies to realize that allowing people to work outside of the office works well. But it was also the year that social media led to an increase in the volume of fake news and became a threat to democracy around the world. However, the world of technology will have big challenges to face which could make the new year a difficult year for many technology companies. The following are the biggest problems for tech companies:

Tech Companies

1. Facilitate the future of work

Companies are considering what returning to the workplace will look like, and post-pandemic logistics will need to include employee safety, both physical and mental. Work productivity with the current system, work from home, is certainly not the same as before when all workers were doing optimal and contributing work in the company. The direct communication that used to be done can also be easily done instead of communicating via a smartphone. All changes and revisions submitted will be easier to provide when face to face and carry out discussions quickly in real time.

2. Employee Productivity Measurement

Worker productivity will be one of the top challenges and issues to be addressed this year. Productivity will still exist during this pandemic, however, of course it will not be the same as the level of worker productivity when there is no pandemic. To maintain the level of productivity by diligently carrying out communication on every job done.

3. Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a type of cryptovirological malware that threatens to publish victim data or permanently block access unless a ransom is paid. While some easy ransomware can lock down a system so it’s not difficult for a knowledgeable person to recover from it, more advanced malware uses a technique called cryptoviral extortion. In a properly implemented cryptoviral extortion attack, recovering files without a decryption key is a difficult problem to solve.

4. Deep fake content

Deep fake techniques are usually videos or audio generated by Artificial Intelligence of real people doing and saying fictional things. It is often used to create fake news and even carry out cyber fraud. Its impact can be seen mostly in the political sphere, where the aim is to sway voters or criticize other candidates. Some examples of deep fakes are very convincing. They show how deep learning technologies can change pipelines for 3D artists and filmmakers, and seriously shorten manual editing time.

5. Poor User Experience with the product

Because everything has to be done online, the User Experience felt by your customers for the product will be affected. Poor User Experience or bad User Experience will reduce user intimacy because everything is online.