The Development Smartphone Technology Features

Technology features can make the impact of changing requirements easier. With the presence of several startups that make some activities easier to do via the internet or gadgets. Development technology features can also be seen from the evolution of sophisticated cellular communication tools, namely smartphones. Smartphone from year to year have experienced many unexpected changes. The sophistication of this feature has also been embedded in various types of smartphones. The following are the developments in technology and smartphone design features today:

Technology Features

4G/LTE Network

The 4G network has two network standards that we commonly encounter, namely 4G and LTE (Long Term Evolution). But lately there have been many smartphones that use the 4G network as one of the embedded telecommunications networks. So now we can feel relieved by downloading large files without a slow connection.

Bezel less/Edge screen

Bezel less and Edge are both sides of different screen designs but both have a charming and modern look. Bezel less is a full-screen design that is placed on the main or front part of a smartphone. This design will usually narrow the edges of the screen to a minimum. That’s why bezel less design smartphones tend to not have physical buttons on the surface for screen placement priority. While the Edge is the concave side of the screen that is on the left and right side of the smartphone screen. In the design of this smartphone, the left and right sides are almost without bezels, with hollows on the edges.

Touch ID features

Touch ID was first introduced by Apple as one of the superior functions they use on iPhone products. Touch ID is a recognition feature that has the ability to read and synchronize fingerprint lines. On smartphones, this feature is used as a screen and application lock tool. Often this feature is only used as an employee attendance tool in several offices, but the development of technology makes this feature also used in a telecommunications device.

Face ID feature

Apple is back to making smartphone technology sophistication which is quite interesting. The Face ID feature is a facial recognition system introduced by Apple on the iPhone. This feature is able to recognize the concept of a face with two sensor modules embedded in a smartphone. Similar to Touch ID, this feature can also be used as a screen and application lock.

Water Resistant/Splash

Device design with Water Resistant or water splash is no less useful. Both have almost the same meaning, namely water resistance. But there is a level that distinguishes the two. Water Splash is a design that allows smartphones to be safely splashed or splashed by water directly or indirectly. While Water Resistant is the highest level, where the smartphone is safe to be submerged or allowed to soak in a liquid container with a certain depth and duration. This design is very much indicative of technological advances that previously any electronic item was wary of not being exposed to the slightest liquid.

Virtual Reality

This feature can make us seem to be able to see an object in 3D. The current development is quite fantastic, now there are many virtual reality tools available in the form of eyeglass stands that we can use to realize the image well in our view. Not to mention that some quality videos, games and even google earth currently support virtual reality.

Text OCR Scanner

On smartphones, this feature is able to read text and even trace an article using a smartphone camera. This feature is known as OCR or Text Scanner, where we don’t have to bother writing what we want to translate or write. We simply open the OCR Scanner application on our smartphone, then shine the camera at the writing we are aiming for and let the application read and scan the writing.