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Planned First Satellites

The decade culminated with the achievement of President Kennedy’s imaginative and prescient of human exploration of the lunar floor and protected return to Earth. Meeting this objective required the mix of refined engineering, life science and medical research with a dedicated staff dedicated to creating what appeared impossible, attainable.

Putting a kilogram of payload (instruments, astronauts, supplies) in Earth orbit is costly, and sending it beyond Earth orbit is much more costly. In the 1960s, there have been two choices, miniaturize or create huge boosters. The U.S. selected to miniaturize wherever possible while the Russians centered on large boosters. The Apollo steering laptop was the good grandfather of the microcomputer.

The preliminary design requirements for the proposed area station included a health upkeep facility (HMF) in recognition of the potential medical issues that would arise during long period missions in low earth orbit. Despite the rigorous design requirements for on board healthcare, these amenities were not applied in the building of the International Space Station primarily as a result of value constraints.

The previous five a long time will stand for eternity as that period in historical past when humans grew to become a space faring species. From the first flights of Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard in the spring of 1961 to the Apollo 11 lunar touchdown in 1969, people all through the world have been mesmerized by the unimaginable progress of space exploration.

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